Broadband Energy acquires AMI meter gateway patent

Larry Silverman,
President & Founder,
Philadelphia, PA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 18, 2007 – Broadband Energy Networks Inc. (BEN) has acquired the exclusive license to an essential patent covering a utility meter that incorporates a gateway, communicating to devices in customer premises. This fundamental patent includes wireless, powerline, and wired communications, enhancing BEN’s position as a leader in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), utility demand response and customer energy automation. Licensing opportunities are available.

BEN specializes in system solutions for AMI, with its advanced C2k utility automation gateway and UNI¬PLEX™ energy applications, designed to benefit utilities, customers, and the environment. The company provides an integrated communications and control network from the utility grid to the meter, then extends into the end-user’s facility to communicate and manage devices such as thermostats, load controllers, and related systems that manage, consume and deliver energy. BEN has a patent portfolio built over ten years of internal research and targeted acquisitions, which has enabled the company to continually enhance its products and solutions.

Larry Silverman, president and founder of BEN, explained: "Broadband Energy has a mission to create cost-effective systems that enable utilities to deliver reliable energy for industry, commerce, and consumers. We have always recognized the need for a completely integrated approach that offers an end-to-end hardware and software solution. Our patent portfolio is one critical element in fulfilling our strategic business goal of providing a market-leading, comprehensive solution for total energy management to utilities as well as to their customers."