Broadband: Report highlights interest on US smart energy services


New research conducted by Parks Associates reveals 37% of US broadband households are highly familiar with backup generators.

50% of US broadband households consider these energy products to be highly valuable.

In addition, approximately one-third or more of US broadband households see strong value in energy products such as solar heating panels, solar PV panels, and battery storage.

Tom Kerber, Director of IoT Strategy, Parks Associates, said: “Consumer perception of the value of distributed energy resources such as rooftop PV and battery storage is high, indicating a strong potential for growth as familiarity increases and products become more affordable.”

Bryan Christriansen, COO at Vivint Solar, added:  “In order to meet consumers’ evolving clean energy needs, we must empower them to build their own clean-energy ecosystems at home.

“Providing consumers with best-in-breed solutions around electric vehicle charging, energy generation, storage and consumption gives them greater control over energy usage than ever before. By unlocking the ability to bring together these technologies under one roof, transitioning to an end-to-end green home has never been easier.”

Broadband households and smart grid services

In a separate study, Parks Associates found that 20 to 25% of US homeowners with broadband households want to bundle energy services with home services such as HVAC, warranty or home security.

The report states that about 50% of US households have smart meters, but the number of the utilities and energy providers offering time-varying rate structures is relatively small. In addition, over 50% of US broadband households would purchase a smart device to manage energy consumption during Time of Use peak hours. Read more…