Bud Vos appointed Chief Technology Officer at Comverge


Arthur "Bud" Vos, who currently serves as Comverge’s VP of Marketing and Strategy, has been appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President of Strategy effective April 1, 2008. Comverge Inc. is a clean capacity provider through demand response and energy efficiency

Vos will drive forward Comverge’s technology for smart grid applications with a focus on developing enterprise software for electric utilities. He has over 15 years’ experience in the electric utility industry, encompassing the design and development of technology for demand response systems, distribution automation, advanced metering infrastructure and electric power systems. He was the co-founder of Sixth Dimension Inc., a provider of Internet-based control systems for demand response and distributed generation systems, which was acquired by Comverge in 2003.

Robert M. Chiste, Chairman, President and CEO of Comverge, said that the electric utility industry is embarking on a new class of infrastructure solutions for demand response and advanced grid control solutions — solutions that are focused on the vision of a smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure initiatives — that broaden the offerings of the company’s Smart Grid Solutions Group. Vos’s focus will be to develop Comverge’s smart grid software platform and analyze strategic synergies of its solution portfolio with other clean energy opportunities.