Canadian city launches energy efficiency pilot for large buildings


A local publication reported that the energy efficiency pilot Large Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure will be implemented in Edmonton over the next three years to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy costs in buildings larger than 20,000 square feet.

Officials at Edmonton estimate that there are over 4,500 buildings of this size in the city.

However, managers of the building energy efficiency pilot anticipate 300 participants to register with the initiative in addition to 20 buildings owned by the city council.

The primary aim behind the programme is for the city to gather information regarding consumer energy consumption patterns in large buildings.

The city will use the collected energy consumption data in planning a citywide energy efficiency project under efforts to stabilise grid network and reduce carbon emissions, of which 30% comes from large buildings.

Under the energy efficiency pilot, owners of buildings will be awarded financial and non-financial incentives for providing the programme with information on how energy is used in their buildings.

Financial incentives will include free building energy assessments to determine whether a building qualifies to undergo energy efficiency upgrades using a $1,500 rebate provided by the city.

Non-financial incentives will include owners of buildings registered to attend energy efficiency workshops in which they will be provided with recommendations on how to improve energy management in their buildings. The workshops will advise building owners which energy efficiency programme offered by Energy Efficiency Alberta they should join.

Building energy efficiency pilot funding

Meanwhile, the US energy department (DoE) will provide funding to 19 projects with the aim of improving energy efficiency and renewable energy adoption in buildings.

According to a press statement, the funding will help in the development of an energy plan which will be used in deploying technologies and programmes to minimise energy use and maximise energy conservation in tribal buildings. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.