C3 Energy markets Internet of Things platform to the energy industry for data optimisation

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Gartner Inc. forecasts that the Internet of Things services spending will reach US165.7bn in 2020, with US$26bn coming from utilities

In the US, Internet of Things software developer C3 Energy has begun to market its C3 CyberPhysix platform as a service to the oil and gas and utility companies. The platform is aimed at developing software programmes to develop analytic and operational systems to deliver value for utilities.

According to Energybiz, the C3 CyberPhysix platform “enables users to develop cyber-physical applications, which are software programmes that control physical entities.”

Applications developed through the platform gathers data from independent data sources and sensor, and claims to process over 1.5 million transactions per second.

Utility companies are able to develop smart meter operational systems that predict the availability of intermittent electricity sources and applications used for maintenance scheduling.

Several utilities in the US and Europe have tested the Internet of Things platform, including Exelon Group, Enel S.p.A and Engie.

Enel S.p.A has used C3 CyberPhysix to predict maintenance and identify fraud across a smart grid employing 44 million meters in Italy and Spain.

Ed Abbo, president and CTO at C3 Energy said: “[The applications] take data from customers and devices and they correlate it with the operational systems that the oil and gas and utility companies use to manage their grids and distribution systems and effectively allow them to develop analytic and operational systems that deliver value to their businesses.”

Expansion into energy

The Californian company was rumoured to be talking about its applications for smart and oil-and-gas which it planned to rollout in 2014/2015.

Customer demand pushed C3 to consider using the “same technology platform that [is used] to develop smart-grid apps and oil-and-gas apps” to develop applications of their own.

Internet of Things (IoT) – where industrial tech and IT meet

Space-Time Insight, another IoT software developer is able to pull data from a utility’s operating system – producing “situational intelligence” to provide a real-time view of a utility’s grid on a map. Through its Internet of Things software, Space-Time Insight helps utilities to get performance data for the asset it represents.

Space-Time Insight’s senior vice president of marketing and PR, Steve Ehrlich, stated: “Doing this and analysing [the map] enables [utilities] to send the right person to the right place at the right time.”