C700 polymer meters with insert-molded metal thread design introduced


Ocala, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 25, 2010 – Enhanced versions of the C700 polymer meters, combining the benefits of advanced engineering polymer materials and molding technologies with the proven measurement technology of the bronze C700 family of water meters, have been introduced by Elster.

Molded into the polymer, the bronze threads eliminate the need for welding and secondary manufacturing operations, providing a single piece meter body with a reliable and durable design. The metal thread inserts also provide simple and reliable connectivity by reducing the risk of stripped or crossed threads, which can be associated with plastic threading.

The new C700 water meters are ultra lightweight – almost half the weight of a bronze meter, and offer no leaded material in contact with water. In addition, the polymer body deters theft of valuable bronze alloy.

“Elster’s latest innovation integrates metal threads into the body of our C700 polymer meters and offers utilities the kind of accurate, reliable, cost saving solution they have come to expect from us,” said Thomas Gwynn, president of Elster AMCO Water.  

The C700 polymer meters also feature a spectrum of reading technologies that allow utilities the flexibility to match their needs. Upgradeable to automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), C700 polymer meters are compatible with digital pulse output or Elster AMCO Water InVISION™ absolute encoders, allowing for remote electronic readings at lower costs and increased accuracy compared to visual reading. The bottom loaded meter design simplifies register replacement, reducing utilities’ costs to upgrade to AMI/AMR technologies.