California electric company signs IT firm to secure communications

In a press statement, the US based solutions provider said it will integrate its platform Virtualized Networks to improve the performance and reliability of the smart grid data telemetry within the utility’s network.

Commenting on the development, Steve Berberich, CEO of ISO said: “Electricity markets continue on a path toward regionalization, unlocking the potential for expanding resource flexibility, transmission capabilities, and clean energy.

“To realize this potential, industry expansion must be both nimble and secure. Current methods of securing telemetry lack scalability and are relatively costly to implement or are incomplete. We are pleased to be implementing this new technology to better secure our networks and improve performance,” added Berberich.

The California ISO serves 30 million electric consumers by managing the operation of electricity across the high voltage, long distance power lines in California and Nevada. [Siemens adds big data to smart grid application]

Smart grid data management

The collaboration follows a US department of Energy mid April announcement that it has selected four organisations that will lead the Orange Button initiative aimed at streamlining the way the solar industry manages data.

The Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, SunSpec Alliance, kWh Analytics and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) were the organisations chosen and mandated to boost the bankability of solar, through the creation of a widely adoptable, unified data standard for the solar industry.

According to the Energy Harvesting Journal, the DoE led Orange Button initiative has the overall aim to simplify and standardise solar data, so that state and local governments, customers, utilities, financiers, solar companies, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders can easily exchange data.

The Journal adds that a “robust data infrastructure for the solar industry is needed to enable rapid and seamless data exchanges between producers and consumers of solar data.”

The SGIP, SunSpec Alliance, kWh Analytics and NREL have three primary objectives to convene, define and integrate solar data standards, open marketplaces, and tools for accessing data by the private sector.

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