California announces $23 million for R&D in energy technologies


In a press statement, the energy commission said the $23 million will be used for the deployment of various projects to improve the stability of grid networks in California.

The grants are expected to help power utilities operating in California to increase renewable energy portfolios, secure energy supply against power demand and improve their services through the use of digital technologies.

Energy Commission, RE adoption and carbon emissions

In addition, projects to receive financial support from the announced $23 million will help reduce carbon emissions through increased adoption of electric vehicles.

A share of the funding will be directed towards the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Programme (ARFVTP).

Through the ARFVTP, the California state government invests in projects designed to reduce dependence on petroleum and greenhouse gas emissions through the development and use of renewable fuels and vehicle technologies.

“To date, the ARFVTP programme has invested more than $700 million in nearly 600 projects,” according to a statement.

The California Energy Commission will direct $13 million towards research and development of energy efficiency technologies and business models in the industrial, agriculture and water sectors.

In addition, the state energy regulator said it will use $3 million to help five programmes research methodto reduce impacts of energy generation, distribution and storage on the environment and public health.

A total of $7 million will be directed to research on distributed renewable energy and piezoelectric systems.

The University of California, Merced and PYRO-E, LLC will receive grants to demonstrate electrical harvesting systems built into roads. [California utility partners to increase EV charging infrastructure].

The state energy regulator plans to meet its energy and climate goals by advancing research and adoption of clean energy technologies by providing funding through the Electric Programme Investment Charge.

In addition to providing grants for smart grid research programmes, the Energy Commission approved plans for the construction of two new natural-gas power plants.


Image credit: Shutterstock.