Californian city looks at AMR for water meters


Fresno, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — June 11, 2008 – Fresno, the sixth-largest city in the state of California, is investigating the full-scale introduction of water meters that will be read remotely. Many homes in Fresno still do not have water meters at all, although all homes that were built after 1992 have been fitted with a meter, and the city is looking at the options available to it, knowing that it must comply with state legislation to supply every household with a water meter by 2010. Over 100,000 households still require a meter.

City councilors have been told that the upfront costs of an AMR system are higher than for traditional meters, but that the long-term benefits make the project viable. These benefits include a reduction in consumption by households that will be billed for actual usage; speedy identification of leaks; a reduction in staffing levels and operating costs because of reduced traveling time on the part of meter readers, as well as a reduction in the resulting emissions; and improved billing and customer service.