Canadian gov invests in development of sustainable energy solutions


According to Canada’s Herald News, “Green Power Labs and SUNLINX will receive $500,000 to work with Nova Scotia Power and other key partners to integrate solar power and energy storage in a single building, controlled by smart software and Internet communications.”

“Our predictive energy management technology, in combination with onsite generation and storage, will deliver major savings in building energy use and
advance sustainable energy solutions for Nova Scotians,” said Alexandre Pavlovski, president and CEO of Green Power Labs Inc.

Recipients of the funds will work to develop sustainable energy solutions and commercialise them, bringing these solutions to market.

“We are delighted our project has been selected for the Smart Energy Innovation Program[me],” added Pavlovski.

The Herald states that a total of $700,000 was available from Innovacorp and the Department of Energy.

Integration with Nova Scotia Power

“The ability to demonstrate our innovative micro-grid technology with Nova Scotia Power and other provincial partners under the Smart Energy Innovation
Program is an excellent opportunity for SUNLINX to accelerate commercialization,” said SUNLIX CEO Chuck Cartmill.

Other applicants for the funding included universities and companies that research and offer energy management solutions in the built environment.

“Nova Scotians said they wanted energy options that are cleaner, more sustainable and affordable, and these projects have the potential to help deliver
on those goals,” said Energy Minister Michel Samson in a news release yesterday. “By putting new ideas into action, we’re building on our reputation as a
clean energy leader and creating opportunities in a multi-billion-dollar global industry.”

The Smart Energy Innovation Programme is part of the province’s electricity plan, and funding was awarded on a competitive basis.

Innovacorp is a Nova Scotia crown corporation managing an early-stage venture capital fund.


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