Canadian utility introduces prepayment smart meters

Manitoba Hydro is teaming up with Natural Resources Canada and Info Energy Inc. to launch a one-year pay-as-you-go smart meter pilot project. Homeowners will be able to buy their electricity on a smart card at conveniently located vending outlets, and insert the card into an in-home display which communicates with the outside meter.

The display presents real-time information, such as how much electricity is being consumed currently, today, yesterday, last week and last month. Consumers gain valuable insight into their energy usage, allowing them to control consumption and save on energy costs.

The programme will encourage residents to participate in the One-Tonne Challenge being promoted by Natural Resources Canada, which is encouraging Canadians to reduce their individual greenhouse gas emissions by 20% (or one tonne). Info Energy is the exclusive Canadian and NE USA distributor of AMPY Metering Ltd., a UK-based manufacturer supplying smart metering technologies to the global market.