Canadian utility PowerStream introduces demand response program



York Region, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — February 8, 2007 – PowerStream Inc., one of the largest local electricity distribution companies in Ontario providing service to more than 225,000 residential and business customers, together with metering and energy management solution provider Rodan Energy & Metering Solutions Inc., are introducing a demand response program to deliver electricity load management programs to PowerStream’s customers. The initiative will also improve system reliability in the area.

Ontario province has mandated a saving of 1350 MW from Ontario’s power supply by 2007, through conservation and demand management initiatives. The program involves securing the participation of large commercial, industrial and institutional energy customers in PowerStream’s territory. Through participation in Rodan’s enerShift program, this sector, which accounts for over 65% of the demand in the region, can take pressure off the electricity grid by curtailing usage during periods of high demand.

"Our primary commitment is to ensure the quality of service to our customers,” says Patrick Guran, PowerStream’s Chief Energy Conservation Officer. "This demand response initiative is one of a number of programs we are developing in response to customer feedback. Given Rodan’s success with the OPA’s York demand response initiative, we feel Rodan is uniquely qualified to implement this program for our consumers."

"We are extremely pleased that Rodan is able to work with PowerStream and include its customers in our enerShift portfolio," stated Paul Grod, President of Rodan Energy. "Demand response is quickly emerging as an effective solution in managing system reliability issues and reducing the cost of power in Ontario. This program is designed to provide needed flexibility in system planning at the local level and further integrate DR as a critical component in Ontario’s Power Supply Mix."