CEIVA Energy and Carrier combine HEMS and smart thermostat

US home energy management system (HEMS) company CEIVA Energy has teamed with Carrier, a HVAC and refrigeration solutions provider, to create a smart energy product for utilities to deploy in residential energy efficiency and demand-response programmes.

The partnership combines Carrier’s smart ComfortChoice thermostat and CEIVA’s utility-controlled HEMS and aims to help consumers save energy in the home through consumer-friendly interfaces.

CEIVA’s home energy management platform collects data from smart meters, then presents it to customers in a variety of formats, including an in-home display, mobile app and website.

The platform can also blend the energy data with customers’ personal photos, synched from platforms like Facebook and Picasa.

And in addition to adjusting thermostat settings, utilities can use the Carrier-integrated platforms to deploy customised demand-response programs and encourage customer engagement around energy use.

Farah Saeed, Frost & Sullivan principal consultant, commented: “Increasing integration between forward-thinking thermostat and HEMS companies has the potential to make a significant impact on home energy management.

“These partnerships bring us closer to a one-stop shop for utilities to deploy all the residential efficiency tools they have in their toolbox.”

Energy company rollout

National Grid is the first utility to roll out the integrated solution to its residential customers.

Carrier’s 200,000 installed smart thermostats throughout the US will also be equipped for the CEIVA platform, enabling a seamless transition as other utilities adopt the technology.

Dean Schiller, chief executive officer, CEIVA Energy, said: “Utilities face increasing mandates to reduce home energy use and engage their customers.

“Heating and cooling are significant drivers of home energy use — in some regions, they can account for more than 50 percent of the home’s total energy.

“The combination of CEIVA’s commitment to customer engagement and Carrier’s proven track-record for connectivity and usability means we now offer utilities and their customers the best solution on the market.”

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CEIVA Energy and Carrier combine HEMS and smart thermostat
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