“˜Cent-a-meter’ launched in US


Austin, TX, USA — (METERING.COM) — July 11, 2006 – The latest consumer-orientated meter that delivers energy consumption data in real time has today been launched by Cenergies Unlimited, a distribution company that specializes in energy saving devices.

The device, dubbed the “cent-a-meter”, is a wireless monitor that displays a home or office’s total energy spend in real time. When any appliance is turned on or off the device senses the changed energy load and displays the resulting cost and kilowatts per hour being consumed. Further features include the ability to display the amount of greenhouse gas attributed to the energy consumption, an alarm that sounds when consumption breaches a preset limit, a digital thermometer and humidity sensor.

Commenting on the meter’s release Kent Nelson, president of Cenergies Unlimited, said: “We’re excited about the cent-a-meter because with little effort, it can have a real impact on the customer’s electric bill.”