Central Hudson simplifies provision of energy usage data


In a press statement, the electricity and gas distribution firm said it commissioned an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution developed by Itron.

Central Hudson also signed a deal for Itron to manage the utility’s energy management programme CenHub Insights.

Itron will integrate its 4G LTE metering technology within the utility’s energy distribution network to enable smart meter data acquisition and processing.

In addition to deploying its wireless network, the solution’s provider will provide the utility firm with its Total Outcomes Services. The services will include the collection of energy usage data, its processing and provision, via a web portal, to customers of Central Hudson participating in the CenHub Insights programme.

Central Hudson said it selected to use Itron’s Total Outcomes Services to reduce the total cost of deploying its smart meters project.

Itron claims that its services will help improve consumer awareness and participation under the utility’s CenHub Insights programme.

By having access to detailed information on their energy consumption, customers of Central Hudson are expected to practice sustainable energy usage behaviours and reduce their energy costs.

Joseph Hally, manager of energy transformation and solutions at Central Hudson, said: “Working with Itron makes it simple and easy to provide value to our customers. With Itron Total Outcomes, we can take advantage of Itron’s experienced team to manage the day-to-day operations of the smart cellular solution for our CenHub Insights+ program. This enables us to focus on the program and create new business value for our customers.”

The deal falls under efforts by Central Hudson to improve the reliability of its grid network and contribute towards reducing carbon emissions in New York by participating under the state’s Reforming the Energy Vision programme.

AMI meters and energy usage

The news follows an announcement made in late November 2016 by US utility Superior Water, Light and Power (SWL&P), which stated that it secured an approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin to implement an AMI project.

SWL&P’s approved AMI project includes the replacement of some existing 30,000 analogue water, gas and electric meters with smart meters over a period of five years.

The project falls under efforts by SWL&P to optimise its revenue collection and customer services through accurate water, electric and gas billing.

SWL&P provides services to 15,000 electric customers, 12,000 natural gas customers and 10,000 water customers.

The smart meters will help the utility in reducing its non-revenue water and gas through quick identification of water and gas leakages.

SWL&P will be able to detect meter tampering with the new smart electric meters.In addition, customers of SWL&P will use the smart meters to improve their water, gas and electric efficiency to reduce their monthly bills.

More importantly, SWL&P will take advantage of the new metering system to improve management of its distribution networks by having access to how the networks operate in real-time. [US city approves $4.3m budget for AMI rollout].

The company will develop a web-portal on which its customers can access their usage data and pay bills online using mobile devices.


Image credit: www.itron.com.