Canadian gov allocates federal funds for additional EV fast-charging stations


The Canadian government will partner with utility firm NB Power (formerly known as the New Brunswick Power Corporation) to install the fast-charging stations along the Trans-Canada Highway in the province of New Brunswick.

According to a release, NB Power will install Level 2 chargers alongside beside each of the ten new fast-charging stations.

Dominic LeBlanc, Canada’s minister of Fisheries and Oceans, said: “Some Canadians are hesitant to buy these cleaner vehicles because they fear that the infrastructure is not there to support their choice to drive an electric vehicle.”

LeBlanc noted that Canada’s transportation sector generates 25% of total greenhouse emissions.

The news follows another recent announcement made by the federal government that it has set aside $120 million for similar infrastructure projects across Canada.

Keith Cronkhithe, senior vice president of business development and strategic planning at NB Power, said: “Encouraging more New Brunswickers to drive EVs [electric vehicles] is an essential part of our plan to support the climate change action.

“In New Brunswick, an electric vehicle owner can shrink their carbon footprint by approximately 80% thanks to our renewable and non-emitting grid.” [New York to boost EV adoption with $4.8 million campaign].

Smart grid and renewable energy resources

Meanwhile, the Novia Scotia Department of Energy partnered with the Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and Innovacorp to deploy a smart grid pilot project.

The Novia Scotia DoE plans to maintain security of power supply through the increased development of smart grid solutions and the integration of  distributed and renewable energy resources.

The SDTC is a foundation established by the Canadian government to promote sustainable development by providing funding to improve research, development, testing and adoption of innovative technologies.

Innovacorp provides funding to help start-ups based in Novia Scotia to commercialise their products and services.

Under the new partnership, the three parties will help developers and researchers of smart grid technologies to develop and demonstrate their technologies to enhance grid reliability in Novia Scotia. Read more…


Image credit: 123rf.