Chatham-Kent Hydro comes out tops for metering data integration initiative

Chatham-Kent Smart Meter

Chatham, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — August 24, 2006 – Chatham Kent Hydro has announced that it has been awarded the best Metering Data Integration Initiative award for 2005/6 by the Utility Planning Network for its smart metering programs.

The utility recently implemented a method of capturing interval consumption reads from each household, and then incorporating detailed hourly usage information into customers’ monthly bills and on the internet.

Chatham-Kent reports strong customer support for the program. Figures released by the utility indicate a possible 6% net reduction on participating customers’ electric bills and an overall decrease in customer service charges to under US$2.

Commenting on the utility’s smart metering project, President of Chatham-Kent Dave Kenney said: “This project proves that smart metering is a strong enabler that encourages consumers to self-regulate and take a more active role in how they use electricity.

“Graphic representation of hour-by-hour energy consumption – whether presented on a hard copy bill or via the web – enables customers to pinpoint usage spikes and engage the entire family in conservation experiments.”

Adding to this, Board of Director Chair Brian McKerlie said: “Chatham-Kent Hydro continues to be a leader in the changing Ontario energy industry. It is important that we provide the tools to assist our customers in making their own energy decisions”.