Chicago smart grid initiative moves forward


Michael Cornicelli,
Executive VP,
Chicago, IL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 5, 2013 – The Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago’s smart grid program, which will see advanced metering installed in members’ buildings, has taken a step forward with the conclusion of a contract with affiliate member Automated Logic Corporation to serve as the project’s technology partner.

A pilot program is currently under development, in which up to 40 BOMA/Chicago member buildings will be able to participate. Advanced meters will be installed in all the participating buildings to record electricity usage in one-second intervals. ALC technicians will install local servers that will feed each building’s usage data to a central server at the Energy Center’s network operation center.
The goal is to give buildings granular, real time energy usage data that will better enable them to implement energy efficiency measures and reduce energy and operational costs. The program will also compile and aggregate energy usage data through a network operating center that will enable participation in demand response programs that offer compensation for curtailing electricity usage when demand on the grid is high.

“This is the first program of its kind anywhere,” said Michael Cornicelli, BOMA/Chicago executive vice president. “We will be learning and evaluating the program as participating buildings come on line, and we have high hopes for its potential.”

The pilot program is due to start later this year.