CIS Software System Updated

Systems & Software, Inc., provider of billing and customer service solutions for utilities, has launched Version 3 of its enQuesta software system. New features include WebConnect, a state-of-the-art customer self-service solution that offers customers 24 hour access to their account information via the Internet; Permitting and New Sites, a product of customer focus group feedback that offers a configurable workflow for creating and approving permits; Advanced Reporting, that enables the browser-based delivery of reports to an authorised set of users; and FixedBill, which supports customers who want to know exactly how much their utility bill will be each month, regardless of consumption.

The release follows on the heels of several successful installations for water, gas and electricity utility customers throughout North America. The enQuesta software suite delivers advanced customer information features, billing, meter management, revenue management, EBPP, and business intelligence and reporting capabilities.