City of Atlanta launches water AMR project


Rob Hunter,
Commissioner of the City’s
Department of
Watershed Management
The City of Atlanta has launched its ATL READ Automated Meter Reading (AMR) project, in which 150,000 radio-based AMR-enabled water meters will be installed throughout its drinking water system over the next three years.

The $35 million project, which was officially launched Tuesday in the Hunter Hills community, will involve the retrofit and/or replacement of the City’s residential and commercial water meters. Aged, non-functioning meters will be replaced with new meters fitted with the AMR device, while existing meters that are still functioning properly will have an AMR device installed. Once replaced, meters also will be covered with a locked lid to prevent tampering and meter damage.

The City began the AMR pilot project in northwest and west Atlanta neighborhoods in December. On going installation will take place system-wide on a meter route/billing cycle basis.

“The Automated Meter Reading project is another in a long line of initiatives the Department is undertaking to ensure that our bills are accurate and reflect exact customer usage,” said Rob Hunter, Commissioner of the City’s Department of Watershed Management. “It will help us reduce our operating expenses and identify potential leaks and other distribution system problems, as well as meter malfunctions, vandalism and tampering.”

No additional charges will be levied to residents for the AMR installation. However, residents with older meters have been advised that as the older meters tend to run slower and thus to under-register usage, they may notice a higher bill after the installation.

The AMR project is a part of the City’s $3.9 billion Clean Water Atlanta infrastructure improvement program to overhaul the City’s water and wastewater systems and create an efficient and cost-effective utility.