City of Ferndale selects AMI solution


Ferndale, MI and Ocala, FL, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 9, 2010 – The City of Ferndale has selected Elster’s evolutionTM Fixed Network (evoNetTM) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system to support the city’s water conservation measures.

The system-wide AMI implementation and meter upgrade also will include the installation of the new Elster EvoQ4 solid state meter.

“Water conservation has become a critical issue for the entire nation,” said Byron Photiades, Ferndale city manager. “Our new Elster evolution system will provide a more complete picture of water consumption, on an hourly basis, which should allow our customers to more efficiently manage their water consumption, and should improve our ability to quickly detect and enable repair of wasteful and expensive leaks in the system.”

The evoNet AMI solution will be installed over an 18-month period. The city will replace nearly 10,000 meters on residential, commercial and some industrial accounts, and expects more accurate utility bills for its customer base.

The fixed network system, consisting of an array of evoGateTM central collectors, will be located strategically throughout the customer’s water service area.
The evoNet AMI system is a fully automated wireless two-way smart metering technology system that provides on-demand readings, real time leak detection and tampering or backflow notification. With the evoNet system, utilities can efficiently implement management tools to reduce costs, improve customer service and begin to monitor interval consumption patterns for water.

Ferndale plans to promote conservation through efficient water usage while protecting its revenue stream through its new EvoQ4 meters, which can measure a substantial range of water flow.