City of Richland goes live with CIS solution


Richland, WA and Toronto, Canada — (METERING.COM) — August 27, 2009 – The City of Richland in the state of Washington has recently gone live with CIS Infinity, enabling the use of the solution for billing, as well as customer management activities.

The City converted from its legacy system to CIS Infinity primarily because it required greater functionality in the areas of metered services, billing, collections, customer service, and payment processing. The City also needed to be able to automate key processes across functional boundaries and according to complex schedules. With the implementation of CIS Infinity, the City is now better equipped to standardize and streamline their business processes and workflow.

“The automation and functionality within CIS Infinity focuses around customer service which significantly improves the City of Richland’s ability to provide enhanced customer service options, improved communications, and traceability of account history details,” said Melody Kendall, City  accounting operations supervisor. “We are also excited to now be able to provide consolidated billing to our commercial customers who have multiple accounts and/or facilities.”

In addition to CIS Infinity, the City is also currently implementing Infinity.Link, Advanced Utility Systems’ customer self-service solution.
The City of Richland provides water, wastewater, solid waste, stormwater and electric service to approximately 46,100 residents.