City of Wadsworth smart grid project nears completion


The City of Wadsworth has announced that its Connected Grid smart grid project is nearing a successful conclusion.

This year, the City implemented the final phase of its smart grid program, which has installed AMI, meter data management, distribution automation and demand response management systems to support a variety of load control and peak shaving objectives utilizing programmable thermostats, in-home energy displays and time-of-use rates.

Since 2009 the project has been supported by consultant Valutech Solutions, which played a key role in helping to formulate the City’s strategic objectives, support technology selection and assist with implementation of the complex solutions. Since that time, AMI, meter data management and demand response management systems have all been installed, and the City has successfully implemented its Peak Rewards and Right Time Pricing incentive programs. These programs are expected to play a significant role in moderating the City’s peak system demand in future years.

“I have enjoyed working with the City’s impressive project team and being a part of the collaborative relationship that we have developed during the time spent completing the Connected Grid Project”, stated Ed Finamore, Valutech Solutions president. “The strong working relationships among the City’s project team members and subject matter experts created synergies that have contributed to the successful implementation of this industry leading project.”

The Connected Grid project was designed to enable the City’s customers to control energy usage while reducing peak system demand, and has been supported by the DOE’s Smart Grid Investment Grant program.