City Utilities of Springfield to deploy SmartSynch smart metering solution for C&I customers


Springfield and Jackson, MO, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 12, 2011 – City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri, is to be supplied with a complete smart metering solution for participating commercial and industrial (C&I) customers by SmartSynch, Inc.

The solution will include smart meters, as well as a communications platform and head-end system. Later this spring, City Utilities of Springfield will begin deploying SmartSynch’s IP-enabled C&I SmartMeters™ utilizing existing cellular networks as the wireless communications backbone.

The smart metering system will enable the City of Springfield to automate processes for its participating commercial and industrial customers’ electric meters. The technology will also help the City Utilities better address customer service requests and power outages in a safe and timely manner, while reducing meter reading, work order costs and overall carbon footprint resulting from decreased truck rolls.

“By utilizing the secure, reliable cellular networks already in place, these solutions make it possible for us to immediately begin offering greater energy efficiency capabilities to our larger commercial customers,” said Willy Haffecke, assistant manager of Electric Transmission and Distribution of City Utilities of Springfield.