CityNext – Microsoft’s smart city vision


Smart cities are the future as smart grids in our industry and complementary initiatives in other industries are taking hold and growing – and the latest company to point a way is Microsoft, which last July launched its CityNext initiative.

CityNext is “a people-first approach to innovation that empowers government, businesses, and citizens to shape the future of their cities,” states a White Paper outlining the initiative.

CityNext envisages a devices and services platform to build solutions drawing on the products of Microsoft but also its vast partner network to optimize and standardize city operations across ‘core functions’ from energy and water, buildings and infrastructure, and transportation to public safety and justice, tourism, recreation, and culture, education, health and social services, and government administration.

“We can scale solutions and services to do ‘new with less,’ enabling cities to better compete in the global marketplace, drive citizen engagement, and foster economic, social and environmental sustainability,” said Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector Laura Ipsen at the launch of CityNext.

To read the white paper click HERE.