Collaboration to develop smart grid HAN


Ray Bell,
CEO, GridNet
New York, NY and San Francisoc, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 5, 2008 – Ultra-low power Wi-Fi technology provider GainSpan, and open software provider Grid Net have entered into a collaboration for providing innovative smart grid home area networks (HAN).

In this initial collaboration, the two companies are developing standards-based smart grid connectivity that offers easy HAN access to utilities deploying advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions using Grid Net’s PolicyNet NMS. AMI provides energy savings for consumers through management of devices and appliances in the home area network. The net result is energy savings through improved demand management, lower energy costs to consumers, and a more efficient, "greener" environment.

Grid Net’s broadband smart meter HAN interface, coupled with GainSpan’s ultra low-power chips that leverage the widely-deployed Wi-Fi infrastructure, will enable programmable, connected devices (such as thermostats and smart appliances) to optimize the control, delivery, and usage of power. Over time, the companies plan to extend these capabilities to enable intelligent gas and water metering.

"GainSpan and Grid Net share a vision in which open collaboration and technology innovation will deliver on the promise of the smart grid," comments Ray Bell, CEO of GridNet. "The combination of GainSpan’s ultra low-power Wi-Fi chips and GridNet’s smart grid software and firmware enables utilities to benefit from cost effective, secure smart grid home energy management solutions."