Colorado Smart Cities Alliance


The Colorado Smart Cities Alliance was formed earlier this year by the Denver South Economic Development Partnership, the lead economic development agency for the southern metro-area suburbs.  At its founding, the Alliance has attracted more than a dozen municipalities including Denver, Aurora, Littleton, Boulder, Lone Tree, Greenwood Village and Colorado Springs.

Since then, according to the Denver Business Journal, the Colorado Technology Association, the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR), the National Renewable Energy Lab and the University of Colorado have joined as participating members.

It is believed the development of smart city technology could help Colorado handle up to 3 million new residents by 2050, says Jake Rishavy, vice president of innovation at the Denver South Economic Development Partnership.

In a statement, Rishavy said: “We’re working to create a 21st-century technology infrastructure right here in Colorado that will help to enhance everyone’s quality of life, particularly as our communities continue to grow.”

Arrow, a technology sales and distribution company, works on product design and technology distribution with more than 800 technology suppliers and 125,000 purchasing companies worldwide.

“We view our primary role as an advisor,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice president of global IoT solutions with Arrow. “Because we have all these technology companies, we can be agnostic and neutral.”

According to Mitchell, communities that adopt smart city technologies effectively will become draws for industry and technology employees, he said.

“They’re really going to improve the competitiveness of their communities both locally and internationally,” he said.

The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) brings to the alliance an organization of Colorado federal research labs with two of the world’s fastest super-computers and unique energy system modeling capabilities.

“All of these assets, as well as access to the world’s finest researchers in their respective subject matter areas, can be at the disposal of the alliance members,” said Eric Drummond, president of Formativ, a founder of the Innovation Corridor.


 Picture credit: Matt Inden/Miles, courtesy of Colorado Tourism