ComEd amplifies energy saving drive with Nest and Xfinity

ComEd customers can achieve further energy savings with Nest's Seasonal Savings programme and Xfinity's Ecosaver energy management features upon enrollment in ComEd's smart thermostat programmes
ComEd is offering customers energy savings through Nest’s Seasonal Savings programme and Xfinity’s Ecosaver energy management features when they enrol in ComEd’s smart thermostat programmes

In the US, Chicago-based utility ComEd is partnering with Nest Labs and Comcasts’ Xfinity to offer customers monetary incentives to take part in its smart thermostat programmes in a bid to decrease peak electricity demand.

As part of a drive to reduce electricity usage at peak times, ComEd is offering customers an incentive of US$40 for the first 10,000 that sign up for Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards or Xfinity Home’s Summer Energy Management programme.

ComEd’s smart thermostat programmes or demand response plans empower its customers to decrease their electricity usage during the hottest days of the year when central air conditioning is one of the largest users of energy in the home.

Through the programme, customers are able to remotely adjust their home thermostat settings.

ComEd energy saving rewards

Residential customers who have or install a Nest Learning Thermostat and sign up for Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards, or have a Xfinity Home Thermostat and enrol in the Xfinity Home Summer Energy Management programme are able to earn up to US$40 from ComEd, through incentives encouraging energy savings.

The utility, which serves more than 3.7 million customers in the Chicago and Northern Illinois area, is also offering Xfinity Home customers who enroll in the energy saving programme, a complimentary Xfinity thermostat.

Val Jensen, senior vice president of customer operations at ComEd, said: “We are excited to partner with Nest and Xfinity Home to offer our customers another innovative solution to help them save energy and money.

“The demand response solution is part of our award-winning Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency program, a suite of energy efficiency plans and initiatives available to ComEd customers that help them manage their energy use and provide tangible costs savings on electric bills.”

Xfinity’s Home Summer Programme also allows for small adjustments to be made to the customer’s thermostat during high demand in the afternoons.

Customers who enroll in Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards programme, have their home temperature settings automatically adjusted around peak times. Nest learning thermostat also learns the behaviours of residents and can adjust temperatures according to customer preferences.

Ben Bixby, general manager of energy products at Nest, commented: “Nest’s Rush Hour Rewards reduces air conditioning use by half during peak periods — all without sacrificing customer comfort.

“We’re excited to work with ComEd to bring the program to customers this summer in combination with the $40 incentive they can receive by enrolling.”