ComEd kickstarts summer DR programme


The number of consumers participating in this year’s programme has reached a level – 160,000 registrations.

The demand response initiative was started on June 1 and will run through to September 30.

Through the platform, the utility allows its customers to earn US$1 for every kilowatt-hour they save during peak periods. The KWh saved will be deducted from a customer’s electricity bill in the following month.

In a press statement, ComEd said the demand response programme will be held during three to five days between 11am and 7pm. Last year, 52,000 metering points participated in the project which saved US$385,000 within a few hours of sustainable use of energy.

[quote] The 3.8 million customer base utility across Northern Illinois claims it is the first electricity provider in the Midwest to offer this program to customers whose homes have been fitted with a smart meter.

Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customer Operations at ComEd commented: “The Peak Time Savings program is another way our smart meter technology is bringing value to our customers.

“Smart meters are at the heart of what we believe will become the electricity network of the future and we will continue to use smart grid technology as a platform to explore innovative solutions to provide customers with reliable electric service and more options on managing their electricity use and costs,” added Jensen.

In regard to the deployment of smart meters, the utility said it targets to have four million smart meters installed throughout its service area by the end of 2018. To date, 2,3 million have been installed.

ComEd in energy efficiency

The start of the programme follows the launch of an energy efficiency programme to help customers to improve their energy management, reduce usage and costs.

Following the launch, ComEd is now utilising the Green Button Download My App project to help  customers with smart meters to download, authorise and share their energy consumption data with registered third party energy efficiency solution providers for provision of measures to streamline energy management. [ComEd incorporates Green Button energy management tools]

The launch of the project which will allow consumers to use a variety of energy efficiency software and smartphone apps.

David Kolata, Director of the Citizens Utility Board-a utility consumers representative board, said, “This is about empowering Illinois consumers to obtain the intelligence they need to maximize the benefits of the smart grid.”

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