ComEd eyes energy efficiency on municipal level


The programme which falls under the utility’s Smart Ideas Energy Efficiency Programme, targets installation of the smart LED streetlights in more than 50 municipalities.

Commenting on the development, Val Jensen, senior vice president of Customer Operations at ComEd said: “Installing smart-ready streetlights is the first step in expanding smart city innovations that provide cleaner options, greater operational efficiencies and strengthen safety and security for our communities.”

The project is expected will help municipalities to reduce ComEd streetlight fees as the new lights consume only one third of power used by existing streetlights.

Furthermore, the lights are said have a longer life span.

[quote] The programme, free of charge to the municipalities, will include connecting the streetlights to a digital smart controller to allow a two-way communication with the municipality.

By so doing, municipalities are able to remote control the lights, allowing them to dim lights for energy savings and brighten or flash them.

The system will also allow municipalities to receive immediate notification if a lamp is in need of maintenance. [US smart meters: ComEd sets aside US$1bn for meter rollout]

Edweena Perkins, mayor of Maywood, one of the municipalities to participate in the programme, said: “These energy efficient light fixtures will enhance illumination along our streets, improving public safety and visibility.”

ComEd in energy efficiency

In mid March, the 3.8m consumer base utility selected 6,500 customers with smart meters to participate in a pilot that will help them to manage and reduce their energy use.

The customers were randomly selected for the pilot and were given use of web and mobile energy-cutting tools and gift card rewards.

The smart meter pilot was part of a partnership with start-up company MeterGenius, which focuses on customer engagement solutions for energy providers.

ComEd’s partnership with the start-up company was a result of ComEd’s SmartGridExchange forum that connects the utility with the academic sector and start-ups to explore and design unique products and services that will help customers benefit from smart grid technology. [ComEd’s AMI programme saves US$400 000 in consumer bills]

Val Jensen, ComEd’s senior vice president of Customer Operations, said: “Innovative smart meter solutions benefit our customers by giving them control to monitor their energy use, lower their consumption and reduce their monthly electric costs.”

Participants in the smart meter pilot can take advantage of MeterGenius’ web and mobile applications, allowing them to monitor their energy usage by hour, day, week or month. They will also receive tailored information on how to reduce their energy bills.

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