Complete electricity metering automation solution for residential and C&I applications


Elster Electricity, LLC has completed the development of its full line of electricity metering products for the EnergyAxis System, which now offers a comprehensive advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solution for residential, commercial and industrial electricity metering applications. The EnergyAxis System uses a powerful two-way RF communication system to retrieve metering information directly from meters.

New components include a new software release of the Metering Automation Server (MAS 5.2), a new REX Form12S meter, and a new 900 MHz radio option on the A3 ALPHA meter.

Benefits include the ability to support frequent move-in/move-outs with on-request meter reads, remotely assign the meter to a variety of billing rates, use the optional remote connect/disconnect switch, and provide two-way repeating communications for C&I accounts. Elster has plans to license the EnergyAxis Systemí¯¿½s RF mesh technology to other AMR suppliers, allowing utilities to purchase an integrated EnergyAxis RF meter from Elster, or to buy a non-Elster meter with the EnergyAxis RF module developed and sold through other AMR suppliers.