Smart grid: Con Edison stormproofs Manhattan

NY skyline
Siemens and Con Edison are working together to ‘storm proof’ the distribution grid through the provision of intelligent distribution automation in Lower Manhattan.

In the US, Siemens and Con Edison are working together to ‘storm proof’ the distribution grid through the provision of intelligent distribution automation in Lower Manhattan, New York.

According to a release from Siemens, Con Edison will ensure that it is no longer affected by unpredictable storms and flooding on the grid.

The Siemens automation technology synchronously control underground substations and circuit breakers. This allows the electric utility to provide a variety of customers with electricity.

Con Edison is believed to be the first electric utility in the US, which uses storm-proof power supply technology in its service area.

In a release, Siemens said that the “technology will allow the system to issue open and close commands within four milliseconds from Siemens field devices that control the circuit breakers and underground sectionalizing switches that in turn switch the power to the sub-networks. The system will operate across more than 44 primary circuits. This custom automation system is interoperable with Con Edison’s control systems and installed primary switchgear.”

This system is part of Con Edison’s US$1 billion storm-hardening strategy across gas, water and electricity, now in its third year.

“Our work with Siemens is an important part of our program to fortify our energy-delivery systems and protect our customers from severe weather events like Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene,” said Patrick McHugh, vice president, Engineering and Planning, at Con Edison.

“It’s also an example on how we are using automation and technology to remain an industry leader in service and reliability.”

Oracle DataConnect

Oracle Utilities has announced the availability of DataConnect, a new data extraction feature for Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing and Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management.

The new feature will allow utilities to more easily leverage data across their systems, including those provided by third-party vendors, the company said in a release.

By exporting customer and usage information for use in downstream applications, utilities could derive greater value from their data and provide new offerings to their customers, which require access to consistent and accurate data.

“Utilities often leverage third-party applications, such as energy management platforms, to deliver value-add services to their customers. However, accessing customer and meter data and using it in downstream applications presents a major obstacle,” said Rodger Smith, senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Utilities.

“… customer information systems and meter data management systems should not restrict the use of this powerful data. DataConnect gives utilities the power to freely access their customer and meter data and leverage it to deliver excellent service and drive peak performance across the organization,” concluded Smith.