ConEd launches public EV charging network across NYC – at a cost


US utility Consolidated Edison (ConEd) is rolling out a total of 60 dual-charging level 2 charging points at public parking spaces across New York City’s five boroughs, but it’s likely to cost EV owners more than the price of gasoline (petrol) to use them.

The new $13 million test project in partnership with the New York City Department of Transportation and charging network developer AddEnergie hopes to incentivise EV ownership.

The project is part of the New York state government’s Reforming the Energy Vision, launched in April 2014, and addresses a lack of charging facilities in the city.

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ConEd says the project is designed to test how EV charging facilities in public parking spaces can satisfy drivers, but at a cost of approximately $2.50 per hour, higher than current gasoline prices in the city according to an implantation plan filed by ConEd on 10 February.

“The base pricing plan for the demonstration includes a $2.50 per hour rate for EV charging,” the utility said in documents filed with the New York Public Service Commission.

The charge equates to approximately $0.40/kWh, based on a 6.2KWh per hour charging rate. “Assuming EV fuel efficiency is 3.5 miles per kWh, and conventional vehicle fuel efficiency is 28 mpg, the equivalent gasoline price is $3.20 per gallon.”

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According to ConEd, the charging prices were set based on publicly available information from

The project will use AddEnergie’s FLO curbside charging stations, currently in use in both Los Angeles and the Canadian cities of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and others.