Constellation launches smart load response web service app


Gary Fromer,
Senior VP Load
Baltimore, MD, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 12, 2012 – Constellation, a business unit of Exelon, has launched VirtuWattLink, the first web service application to facilitate automated load response program participation.

VirtuWatt Link allows a facility’s existing automation system to manage load curtailment automatically based upon energy market signals and pre-set scenarios, without the installation of redundant or proprietary building controls hardware.

By reducing the upfront cost associated with load response automation, VirtuWattLink enables a broader range of facility types and sizes to participate in a wider array of energy market programs.

VirtuWatt Link is an extension of Constellation’s VirtuWatt energy management platform, which allows commercial and industrial customers to easily monitor energy usage in real time and schedule load curtailments for load response programs.

“VirtuWatt Link provides a leap forward for our customers and building automation vendors in making facilities behave intelligently, by efficiently connecting existing automation infrastructure to energy market signals,” said Gary Fromer, senior vice president, load response for Constellation. “This nexus of market access, intelligence and surgical action enables commercial, industrial and institutional power users to be proactive and strategic about how and when electricity is used, without compromising business operations or requiring wholesale replacement of existing controls infrastructure.”

Companies that offer energy management and automation solutions are teaming with Constellation to implement VirtuWatt Link as a pre-integrated, value-add option.

During the beta release of the solution, Trane, a leading provider of energy efficiency HVAC systems, building and contracting services, parts support and advanced control, created a VirtuWattLink adapter for its Tracer and TIS platforms, which is now live and supporting load response programs at Trane’s Texas facilities.

Vedero Software, a software provider of automated demand response services for office complexes, schools, hospitals and datacenters, has integrated the VirtuWatt Link product with its cloud-based energy and load management platform.

VirtuWatt Link provides comprehensive load response and security services, including: authentication access control, ISO event dispatch notification and acknowledgement and utility meter usage data. VirtuWattLink can be integrated to any energy management or controls system that utilizes web services. Its architecture is designed to seamlessly handle demand response market signals and energy data from utilities and independent system operators (ISOs), and is built to accommodate developing demand response protocol standards, such as OpenADR 2.0.