Large share of US consumers positive about smart city technologies, survey

The US Department of Energy in partnership with Silver Spring Networks and Power Ovo Energy conducted a study to understand consumer awareness on smart city technologies.

Power Energy Ovo is responsible for improving consumer awareness on energy efficiency and management.

According to a statement, 75% of consumers in the US are confident smart cities will have a positive impact on their lives, if they are educated on how they operate.

The study was conducted online and on some 500 consumers between the ages of 18 and 65 years, of which 52% were female and 48% male nationwide.

47% of the respondents reside in cities with populations above 100,000 whilst 14% live in large cities with populations above one million people.

Some of the findings of the study include:

  • 3% of the US population believe smart city technology would have a negative impact on their lives.
  • 65% of participants are interested in living with smart city technology.
  • Positive sentiment for smart cities is highest among millennials (83%) vs. those in 65+ age group (60%).
  • 50% of participants expect smart city technology to directly impact their daily life within the next 0 to 3 years.
  • Smart street lights are the most well-known smart city application; public safety is considered the most important benefit of smart street lights.
  • Reducing pollution and improvements to public safety were considered the top two benefits, respectively, of smart city technology.

Dan Evans, Senior Director – Smart Cities and Street Lighting, Silver Spring Networks, commented: “In speaking with city leaders across the globe, we have found that understanding the needs and wants of their citizens around smart city technology is of utmost importance. Our findings will help bolster the efforts that cities and utilities are championing, such as smart street lights—the most well-known smart city application—and reducing pollution and public safety, identified as the top two benefits of smart city technology in the study.”

“What we found most interesting about the study is the younger generation’s desire to live in smart cities,” said Marina Donovan, Vice President of Marketing, Silver Spring Networks. “Adoption rates of smart city technologies are quickly on the rise and the next big wave is upon us. There is clearly a need, and opportunity, to educate consumers of all age groups about the benefits and positive impacts of smart city technology. Together, Silver Spring Networks and Power Over Energy, will continue to make a concerted effort to educate citizens globally about the benefits that smart cities have to offer.”

The study follows Silver Spring Networks partnering with utility firms ComEd, JPS in Jamaica, Pepco Holdings, Oklahoma Gas & Electric and FPL in implementing smart streetlights programmes.


Image Credit: 123rf.