Consumer engagement: SGCC adds new fact sheet to info kit


US not-for-profit organisation the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) has released a new educational resource, Power Quality Fact Sheet, to help consumers understand how the smart grid can help improve power quality with the ability to operate the electrical grid with tighter tolerances.

The Power Quality Fact Sheet is the seventh addition to the existing fact sheets featured in SGCC’s Consumer Information Kit for the Smart Grid. The smart grid toolkit covers topics ranging from data privacy to radio frequency.

Consumer energy education

Patty Durand, executive director at SGCC, said: “The Power Quality Fact Sheet illustrates to consumers that with a more reliable and efficient power supply, appliances and other electronic devices are allowed to operate at their highest efficiencies and minimizes their cost to run them.

“The fact sheet provides consumers with easy-to-understand information and how a smart grid can benefit them.”

She added: “The Consumer Information Kit for the Smart Grid was created to address hot topics around the smart grid and deepen the education and learning opportunities for consumers.”