Consumer installed electric power monitoring system now available


Milton, DE, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 5, 2007 – Powerkuff LLC, a privately held Delaware company, has patented and manufactured a consumer installed electric power monitoring system which it says will allow energy users to achieve a 20% improvement in efficiency. An information-based interactive system, the Powerkuff Monitor can be installed on any of the 200 million electric services nationwide without special licenses or tools.

Homeowners will find it useful as a consumer awareness tool, while commercial building operators will be able to monitor each and every circuit and appliance individually. The information provided is available to individual owners or via an auditing service on the web.

Powerkuff is starting the manufacture of 5,000 units, completing software and accepting orders. The company is seeking equity partners with utility market contacts; especially demand side management programs, electronics manufacturers and internet storage and analysis tools.

Managing electric use will require a new generation of interactive tools to integrate the rigid metering of power with digital world and wireless technology. This technology must retrofit 600 million existing electric services worldwide, be inexpensive and capable of expanding into the future. Powerkuff has combined superposition – the placement of a sensing iron core on any wire and calculating the power that is flowing in that wire, without separating the two wires – with recently developed (FCC approved, public domain) wireless chip technology to create the Powerkuff Monitor System, allowing customers to observe, control and reduce their electric consumption.. The system also allows users to accumulate data from the entire house and individual appliances.

The Powerkuff Monitor System consists of a Powerkuff Signal Generator and a Powerkuff Display Unit. The Powerkuff Signal Generator installs like a wristwatch on the wire that enters the house or small business or the two main wires in the circuit breaker box. The signal generator reports wireless (50 ft. range), to the portable Powerkuff Display Unit that shows the amount of power entering the home or business.

The Powerkuff monitor can be used on 60 or 50 cycle per second power, 110-240-440-880 volt systems, single or three phase power.