Consumers Energy to donate 150,000 energy efficient bulbs


The energy distribution firm will provide the LED bulbs via the ‘Light the Moment with Energy STAR Buy a Bulb, Give a Bulb’ campaign.

Donation and benefits fo LED bulbs

Under the campaign, Consumers Energy will donate one LED bulb to the Feeding America West Michigan programme for every LED bulb purchased in participating retailers in the utility’s service territory.

The programme will be implemented throughout this April and is expected to help the utility to improve its customer services and sustain the reliability of grid network.

Commenting on the development, Theresa Schmidt, operations director of energy efficiency programmes for residential consumers at Consumers Energy, said: “This effort is part of our commitment to the communities and people we serve throughout the year.”

In October 2016, Consumers Energy donated up to 75,000 energy efficient LED bulbs to its consumers under the ‘Light the Moment with Energy STAR Buy a Bulb, Give a Bulb’ campaign.

Consumers Energy claims that it has helped its consumers save over $1 billion in energy bills through energy efficiency programmes deployed since 2009.

The utility serves 6.7 million gas and electric consumers out of the 10 million residents in Michigan. [Pennsylvania city installs LED streetlights to reduce energy costs].

Energy conservation

Apart from using energy efficiency programmes to secure the stability of its grid network, Consumers Energy is using demand response initiatives to stabilise its grid network during peak periods.

In early March, Consumers Energy launched a new demand response programme ‘Peak Power Savers’ to help residential customers with smart meters reduce energy usage and costs.

Under the initiative, Consumers Energy will introduce Time of Use energy pricing in which energy tariffs will be high during peak demand periods and low when energy demand on the grid network is low.

The demand response programme is expected to help Consumers Energy to reduce its carbon footprint and operational costs by avoiding investing in the construction new energy generation plants to meet very high energy demand in summer.

Lisa DeLacy, executive director of smart energy at Consumers Energy, said:  “We are committed to helping Michigan households manage their energy use. These new programs give more options to our residential customers to lower bills and are another great benefit of new upgraded meters that we will finish installing across the state this year.” Read more…


Image credit: 123rf.