CPUC gives the go-ahead for utility’s smart meter program


SDG&E LogoLos Angeles, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 14, 2007 – The California Public Utilities Commission has approved an amended proposal by San Diego Gas & Electric for the installation of smart meters. Concerns regarding the initial proposal – in particular the fact that SDG&E had suggested that the life of the new meters could be as long as 34 years, and that the cost of avoided capacity would amount to $85/kW per year – had been voiced by the Division of Ratepayer Advocates and the Utility Consumers’ Action Network last month.

SDG&E’s AMI program, which involves the deployment of over 2 million smart meters, is being introduced so that energy users will be able to manage their consumption more efficiently. The new proposal will cost users less than originally envisaged, and will offer more benefits. These benefits include a feature that will allow information from the meter to be sent into the home to communicate with smart appliances and thermostats, the establishment of an advisory board to oversee installation of the new technology for SDG&E, and a reduction of $100 million in the pass-on cost to residential and small commercial customers.