Cryptosoft and Symantec collaborate on IoT cybersecurity

IoT security giants Cryptosoft and Symantec have announced plans to collaborate on authentication and encryption services for the Internet of Things.

The two companies will work together in a bid to protect the transfer of data between devices and cloud and web servers.

Symantec’s Managed PKI Device Authentication technology will be integrated with Cryptosoft’s technology to provide manufacturers with authentication, encryption and signing applications, says CMS Wire.

Geoffrey Noakes, senior director of business development at Symantec, told CMSWire: “Cryptosoft will be embedding Symantec’s roots of trust for the IoT in its cryptographic libraries.

“This means that any developer of Internet of Things products, which is built with Cryptosoft’s libraries, can easily encrypt data as it is being sent from the IoT device to a web server or cloud, and that the code can be tested for being signed.”

The growing amount of multi-sensor devices poses an increasingly complex challenge, and as the number of applications connecting to each grows within IoT networks.

Security in growing IoT networks

Brian Witten, senior director of IoT Security at Symantec, explained that: “Symantec has already embedded security in over one billion devices, and worked with hundreds of partners to define a vendor neutral Internet of Things security reference architecture, in addition to offering the industry’s broadest suite of IoT security products.”

CMS Wire notes that “billions of sensors and billions of multi-sensor devices will be increasingly difficult to protect. And yet, unless they are protected, the Internet of Things will be weakened by countless vulnerabilities.”

Other industry partnerships between companies such as Intel and UK-based Intercede, and Swiss cybersecurity company WISeKey and Bright Box, provider of connectivity solutions, indicates that there is a growing concern in terms of device authentication.

An additional advantage of the partnership, says Silicon Wire Cryptosoft, is that customers are able to leverage Symantec’s new Roots of Trust for connected devices.

This provides authentication and verifies devices at the hardware level combining it with the Cryptosoft platform. Client are thus reassured that information is shared only between authorized and secured devices.