Customer engagement: Simple Energy unveils e-commerce platform for utilities

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More than half of customers want their utility to provide recommendations on energy-saving goods, according to a 2013 Accenture report

In the US, Colorado-based software-as-a-service company Simple Energy has launched its e-commerce platform providing a link between utilities and customers through personalised communication and energy-saving tips.

Simple Energy’s Marketplace also offers energy-saving household products and services with instant rebates at point of sale.

The rebates provide consumers with savings on energy-efficient purchases and give utilities increased participation in rebate programs and additional value-added services to enhance customer engagement.

According to a company statement, the platform also delivers individualised energy-saving tips and recommendations through personalised emails, assisting customers to make energy-savvy choices.

Branded energy company service

The platform has been adopted by participating utilities, including San Diego Gas & Electric, which offer the solution as a branded service, said Yoav Lurie, CEO and Founder at Simple Energy.

Commenting on the launch of the e-commerce platform, Mr Lurie said: “We created Simple Energy Marketplace to fill a void that has existed for too long between utility and customer.

“Every person’s energy usage is unique, and how their utility communicates with them should reflect that.

“Marketplace allows utilities to convert a user’s energy usage data into personalized messaging that educates consumers on their energy consumption while simultaneously providing recommendations on energy-efficient products and tips that are specific to their energy wants and needs.”

Added customer value

The e-commerce platform also offers price comparisons of recommended energy devices such as thermostats, high efficiency washing machines and dryers, from retailers, customer reviews, as well as their respective rebate offerings,

This affords customers total autonomy to research, purchase, and utilize the product that is best for them, said Justin Segall, president and founder at Simple Energy, said: “Marketplace helps expand our mission to unite utilities and consumers to work together to reduce energy consumption and shift the way consumers view utility providers – from commodity to partner.”

San Diego Gas & Electric will be one of the first North American utilities to implement Simple Energy’s Marketplace platform complimenting its existing Manage-Act-Save customer engagement platform.

The programs will be available to more than 2.5 million households across the Midwest and West Coast US states.