Washington utility enhances customer experience


Under the partnership, DC Water will install Vertex’s customer experience solutions VertexOne Cloud Customer Information System, Web & Mobile Self-Service and Mobile Work Management.

The technologies will be integrated with the utility’s system over the next 12 months to enhance the company’s engagement with its government, residential and commercial water consumers.

In a press statement, Vertex claims that its Software-as-a-Service applications will help customers of DC Water to better manage their accounts and serve themselves online using mobile devices.

The decision to implement the technology is due to efforts by the Washington-based utility company to adopt a solution that would allow it to operate a number of applications using a single application.

Tom Kuczynski, CIO of DC Water said “… not only do we get a solution that can provide the agility to handle the complexities the future will bring, but we also have a partner that will support us for the long term.”

In addition to the customer experience solutions, DC Water will modernise its water infrastructure and services by deploying smart meters to improve its billing accuracy and ensure real-time management of distribution network.

Digital customer experience services

The news follows the launch of a new online shopping site by US utility ComEd during the fourth quarter of 2016, offering customers energy-saving products for their homes.

The site offers the easy application of instant rebates that enable customers to save on energy-related products for their homes. Customers can also learn about and purchase LED lightbulbs, smart thermostats and water conservation devices that save them time and money.

The Illinois-based utility views the launch of ComEdMarketplace.com as a “major step forward in the creation of the ‘Utility of the Future’ – a new kind of utility that delivers not just energy, but serves as a platform to connect its customers with valuable products and services that can increase their comfort, convenience, and control.” Read more…

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