Texas city unveils online customer portal as part of smart meter programme


According to a statement, the online portal MyH2O allows consumers to access their water usage data using mobile devices. The online customer portal will also enable customers of Wichita Falls to pay their bills online as well as set water efficiency targets.

This platform will enable Witchita Falls’ residents to check their daily and weekly water usage levels and compare it to their monthly set average.

Witchita Falls will directly communicate with its consumers via SMS, telephone or email notifying them in the event they reach, or are close to reaching, their monthly set water consumption averages.

The online portal is integrated and updates data from the installed automated water meters every 24 hours.

Blake Jurecek, director of IT at Wichita Falls, commented: “Citizens will be aware of their usage for different things and awareness breeds some conservatism.”

The system provides consumers with their water consumption history to help them identify efficiency potentials by comparing the stored water usage data with their current usage levels.

The launch of the online customer portal falls under on-going efforts by Wichita Falls to modernise its water distribution network to optimise its operations and increase its customer services.

Throughout last year, the city deployed in phases some 34,000 smart water meters in a $15.9 million project. The smart water meters project will enable the city to remotely read meter data, accurately bill customers and help improve its revenue collection through the elimination of estimated billing.

The project will also reduce operational costs incurred in manual meter reading and will also help improve the life-span of water distribution infrastructure through real-time management of the system.

Water infrastructure upgrades

Meanwhile, the US city of Fairborn in Ohio state selected Neptune Equipment Company (NEPCO) and Itron to replace its existing water metering system with an automated model.

The city of Fairborn is upgrading its water metering system through the installation of some 13,500 automated meter interface units for its commercial and residential consumers. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.