Island utility records increase in customer satisfaction


In a press statement, the utility company said it has recorded an increase in grid management and customer services since it started the deployments of smart grid projects including the installation of Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream automated metering infrastructure (AMI) solution since 2012.

The power company serving 50,000 customers on the island says it has recorded a 9% increase in overall customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

The deployment of the smart meters and communication infrastructure has allowed GPA to reduce power line losses, increase outage response and enhance its billing system resulting in a 13% increase in customer services.

John Cruz, manager of the strategic planning and operations research division at GPA, said: “Customer satisfaction is influenced by a variety of factors, including how we managed billing changes after meter installations, and the improved efficiency of transactions for transient customers.

“We’ve seen a sizable reduction in truck rolls for service calls and both technical and non-technical line losses. These efficiencies allow us to keep power costs lower and reduce connection fees. Customers are responding to service improvements overall,” added Cruz. [California utility selects Landis+Gyr for grid optimisation].

Grid management technologies

Following the completion of the smart meters project, the utility firm is planning to deploy some technologies to enhance its management of some distributed energy resources as well as improve power quality with voltage management measures. [Australian island considers becoming 100% renewable].

The technologies to be deployed will also include big data analytics technologies to promote operational efficiencies.

[quote] Abe Ortega, vice president of international sales and marketing at Landis+Gyr, commented: “The infrastructure is in place to add applications that achieve further improvements in customer engagement and operational efficiencies.

“GPA’s experience demonstrates how the value of technology investments goes beyond the utility and positively impacts energy consumers,” reiterated Ortega.

Landis+Gyr in AMI deployments

In early February, US power utility Seattle City Light signed Landis+Gyr for the provision of its AMI solution for enhanced grid management.

Seattle City Light said it will integrate Landis+Gyr’s Gridstream AMI solution that includes a multi-purpose radio frequency network, advanced meters and a meter data management system.

Under the contract, the two will complete installation of communications infrastructure and meter testing by the end of 2016 to allow kick-start of the large scale rollout in mid-2017.

Landis+Gyr also agreed will operate and maintain the advanced metering system infrastructure.

In addition, the energy management firm’s advanced grid analytics will allow intelligence in Seattle City Light’s grid including automation of water and gas meters, and streetlights.


Image credit: Macomb