Customers concerned about environmental issues


Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 12, 2007 – Electric consumers are showing increasing concern about environmental issues, and North American utilities are offering programs that help their customers live a sustainable lifestyle, according to researcher Chartwell.

A recent Chartwell report, entitled Helping Customers Live a Sustainable Lifestyle, includes 11 case studies based on in-depth discussions with the leaders of a variety of utility-run eco-friendly programs, including premium green power offerings; assisting with customer-owned renewable generation; residential and commercial green building programs; and effective communication about renewables in the standard mix of energy sources.

"Despite some growth, participation rates in green power programs are still quite low,” says Jennifer Quay Allen, Chartwell senior research analyst and lead author of the report. “But Chartwell researchers are seeing interest and growth in utility programs that help consumers feel good about the role they play in the environment in other ways, such as customer-owned renewable generation, environmentally friendly construction, and even the ability to neutralize their carbon footprint.”

The report, which also includes data from a Chartwell survey of 95 North American utilities regarding their products and services, reveals that 32% of utilities offer sales of or rebates on green technologies for residential customers, with another 13% planning or considering doing so. Twenty-six percent do so for commercial and industrial customers, with 12% planning or considering.

Among the programs examined in the report are those of Pacific Gas & Electric, Xcel Energy and Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.