Cutting-edge Smart Substation project


The power transformer
is the key energy
delivery asset in
every substation.
(METERING.COM) — November 6, 2008 -A cutting edge Smart Substation project entailing the deployment of the latest technologies is being rolled out in St. Paul, Minnesota. The operational benefits will include reduced maintenance and installation costs, improved employee safety and equipment life, faster restoration times and increased system reliability. The system will also test and demonstrate newly developed security technology.

BPL Global(R), Ltd. (BPLG) has partnered with Xcel Energy on the project and will deploy BPLG’s Serveron Transformer Monitoring Solution in Xcel Energy’s Merriam Park substation to provide continuous information on the health of the power transformer, the key energy delivery asset in every substation.

The Smart Substation project includes retrofitting an existing substation with cutting-edge technology that will serve as a platform to demonstrate Xcel Energy’s ability to implement state of the art monitoring and control equipment. The Serveron Transformer Monitoring Solution will be deployed as part of a network of intelligent electronic devices all communicating to one another and a network information processor to provide new levels of substation protection, automation, control and monitoring.

"We are pleased to have BPL Global working closely with us as a partner in our Smart Substation project," said Dennis Stephens, director of Xcel Energy’s Utility Innovations and Smart Grid Investment. "The next-generation Smart Substation will allow our company to better meet growing demands, address environmental challenges and increase power system reliability. BPL Global’s transformer monitors will contribute in all these areas." The project includes developing an analytics engine that processes massive amounts of data for near real-time decision-making and automated actions. Additionally, the project will enable operators to perform almost all functions remotely and will eliminate much of the need for "hands on" monitoring and control. The Smart Substation project will help Xcel Energy in optimizing power factor performance and obtain a significant reduction in distribution losses leading to a reduction in carbon footprint.

"The Smart Substation project demonstrates forward thinking by Xcel Energy on behalf of their customers," said Keith Schaefer, BPLG’s CEO. "An intelligent electric grid is vital to reliably and cost effectively meeting the growing energy needs of people in every country around the world."