Dallas Water Utilities to implement IT solution to increase efficiencies, cut costs and protect infrastructure


Ignacio Gonzalez,
CEO, Telvent
Dallas, TX, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — March 8, 2011 – The City of Dallas Water Utilities is to implement Telvent’s OASyS Dynamic Network of Applications data technology system in collaboration with Prime Controls.

With this solution, Dallas Water Utilities will be able to gather a more accurate analysis of data critical to its operational decision making and react more quickly when unforeseen situations arise within its growing network. Furthermore, the system’s security measures protect the city’s fresh water infrastructure and meet the latest Department of Homeland Security standards.

By integrating the Telvent technology with its software, Dallas Water Utilities will have increased control capabilities throughout its water network, as well as remote monitoring and automation for multiple pump stations, storage tanks and water meter stations. This will provide a wider range of up-to-the-minute information, cut unnecessary costs and enhance customer service capabilities.
“We are pleased to provide solutions to our customers that increase operational efficiencies,” said Telvent’s CEO, Ignacio Gonzalez. “Our technology will help Dallas Water Utilities achieve a modern, reliable and secure system for the city.”

Telvent is responsible for the system design, application engineering, software development and implementation of the SCADA platform for the City of Dallas Water Utilities.