DCSI Releases New Prepayment Metering System


Distribution Control Systems, Inc. (DCSI) has released a new prepayment metering system that leverages the TWACS® system connectivity to give electricity utilities greater control and knowledge of their overall prepayment programmes. System components include a TWACS AMR/AMI-equipped residential meter, a TWACS disconnect collar, an In-Home display and a special function back-office application, UtiliSales, which manages all the account data. The system scalability is enhanced by the ability to use standard TWACS-equipped meters.

Because system control is located in the back-office software, operators are able to override individual system operation, as well as inhibit disconnects for a period of time based on weather-related or other events. Customers wishing to sign up for prepayment can be activated immediately, rather than having to wait for the utility to install special equipment. The system does not require a purchase token, thus broadening possible vending options.