Deal watch: Accenture expands smart grid services with Structure buyout


Global management consultancy Accenture has signed an agreement to buy utility and energy advisory company Structure in a bid to “expand and enhance [its] deep experience and capabilities in smart grid solutions”, according to a statement.

The acquisition is still subject to regulatory review but if approved, “will reinforce our ability to help our clients solve some of the most complex and critical challenges that lie at the heart of the digital transformation,” said Omar Abbosh, senior managing director, at Accenture Resources operating group.

Mr Abbosh said that by absorbing Structure’s 190 employees into Accenture Resources, the company can offer end-to-end solutions to its utility clients.

Energy trading expertise

The deal will also enhance Accenture’s ability to advise on energy commodity trading and risk management.

Abbosh said: “We plan to combine Structure’s market operations and commodities trading services with Accenture’s capabilities in digital asset management to help our clients optimize their commercial positions.”

Houston-based Structure also offers utility and energy clients smart grid, distribution operations and distribution automation, SCADA and energy management systems, and competitive energy market solutions.

Accenture Smart Grid strategy

Smart grid position

The deal follows Accenture’s move into smart grid services with the creation of Omnetric Group in April 2014.

The joint venture with Siemens Smart Grid aims to provide utilities with an integrated view of their systems and data to improve energy efficiency, grid operations and reliability.

Led by the former manager director of Accenture Smart Grid Services in Europe, Maikel van Verseveld, Omnetric will integrate operational technologies (OT) – such as distribution management and real-time grid operations – with IT systems, such as meter data management to support smart metering, demand response to manage energy consumption and virtual power plants to enable load management.

(Pic credit: Accenture)