Analog Devices acquires Metroic tamper detection

US semiconductor manufacturer Analog Devices (ADI) has bolstered its metering application technology by acquiring UK company Metroic.

ADI bought out the Edinburgh-based company, creator of mSure technology, in a deal that was finalised in September.

mSure is designed to provide electric meters with system health capabilities including measurement accuracy, self-monitoring and enhanced tamper detection.

Residing inside the metrology integrated circuit, mSure uses semiconductor integrated circuit techniques to supervise the meter system, including the sensor.

The technology can be used throughout the product life cycle to make the reliability of a meter independent of the sensor used, improving accuracy and reducing sensor and calibration costs.

It works with all types of current and voltage sensors without interrupting the primary measurement function.

Product portfolio

The technology developed by Metroic will enable ADI to enhance and expand its energy metering portfolio.

ADI plans to develop new products incorporating mSure technology and will announce these offerings under the Analog Devices brand.

Ian Lawee, general manager, Energy Group, Analog Devices, said: “The global need for metering applications continues to increase due to the unprecedented demand for energy.

“The technology developed by Metroic provides ADI with an excellent foundation for expanding our energy solutions portfolio with new products that offer system health capabilities such as measurement accuracy, self-monitoring and enhanced tamper detection.”

Company integration

ADI confirmed that all of Metroic’s assets, including employees, are now integrated as part of an expanded Energy Group at ADI.

Analog Devices offers a broad range of semiconductor solutions that solve design challenges in every aspect of metering systems, including energy measurement; data and power management; user interface; and RF, GSM/GPRS, and power-line carrier communication solutions.